Impact And Importance Of Technology In Our Life

It is the matter of yesterday’s afternoon when I was searching online for a video which is related to the latest updates happened in the stock markets of the world on my tab and just in a moment after entering the keyword in search engine’s bar I had a lot of results on my screen after watching the video I had downloaded the latest updated version of my game and while playing the game a thought came in my mind that without technology in the olden times how and what sort of life the people lives? Although they have various resources and options for living their life well though these ways are not very perfect but through these their needs and desires were fulfilled which could be called as technology of that period.

We should be thankful to those scientists who had done a lot of discoveries and inventions earlier in their time which had leaded us on the way of improving our life through their given technologies and along with them we should be also thankful to the scientists of the present era as well because of whom the life of ours has become so easier as because of the technologies only and with the help of these we are living our own life very comfortably now and there is not any sort of exaggeration in saying that for most of our daily life related works we are completely depended over the machines although we could does those works manually by ourselves as well.

Now technology is a basic part of each and every sector related with the day to day life of human beings and as because of it mostly lucrative inventions were done in various fields such as medical, mining and various other as well which are going to be extremely hazardous for all of the human beings as instead of using any scientific thing for all‘s welfare few peoples always tries to make something which is harmful to others though apart from all this there are various other kinds of benefits of technology as well which are fruitful for all of us. Technology is one of the most important aspects of our life we can not imagine our life without it.

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